Russell Delman

Wochenendseminar mit Russell Delman in Bern (public workshop)

Dear Friends,
I am looking forward to my annual seminar in Bern. These yearly meetings are rich and fulfilling, I hope you will join us.
«Polishing the Diamond: The Embodied Life™ as a Path Toward Love and Freedom». «Polishing the Diamond» is an expression based in the realization that within each of us is a clear jewel that is deeper than our learned habits. This is our diamond-like nature. It also suggests that we need practices that can help us remember and reconnect with this clarity. This is the activity of polishing.
As I travel this wonderful path of awareness and awakening, I realize that, for me, the most essential and important human qualities can be summarized as Love and Freedom. These are the center of my life. These are the diamond-like qualities of our True nature, always present when we are not confused by faulty learning from the past. Love in this context is a basic positivity toward life. When we are not lost in our own suffering, we want life to blossom for all. This kind of love includes turning our warm heart toward our own troubling thoughts and feelings, an essential step in growing this quality.
Freedom means the ability to grow new responses to our life situations. This includes our ability to relate to ourselves and others in more satisfying, non-habitual ways. Awareness is the key for growing these new possibilities. Without awareness we must repeat the past because our brains will simply recreate the known neural networks.
In this seminar we will have experiences that remind us of our true, diamond-like nature as we also learn practices for polishing the diamond. I hope you can join us for a joy filled week-end of learning! Sending blessings Russell
The Embodied Life™ is an approach to human transformation based on the integration of meditation, Feldenkrais® movement and self-inquiry. All practices are focused on being fully present in authentic, warm-hearted and curious ways. The Embodied Life™ School is dedicated to the realization of love, wisdom and freedom as the evolutionary direction for humanity.

- Embodied Meditation At home with "what is", embracing all that arises.
- Embodied Movement Moving from center, grounded on the earth.
- Embodied Inquiry Cultivating intimacy with the Wisdom Body.

Having a sense of friendliness with one's mind and being at home in one's body is the ground for love and freedom. From this ground we can bring our most creative gifts into the world.
«Human transformation requires the movement from fear to love as our basic operating principle. Presence is the door, Embodiment is the key».

Die Anmeldungen werden in der Reihenfolge ihres Eintreffens berücksichtigt. Es folgt eine Anmeldebestätigung mit Einzahlungsschein. Abmeldungen nach dem 23. September sind nur möglich, wenn ein/e Ersatzteilnehmer/in zur Verfügung steht. Bis 1. Oktober gibt es 50% Rückerstattung des Kursbeitrages, jedoch keine mehr nach diesem Zeitpunkt.

Für Feldenkraislehrer/innen: der Workshop gilt als methodenspezifische Weiterbildung A2 (es werden maximal 10 Stunden pro zwei Jahre angerechnet).